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The Best of Lesotho Summer Fun!

The Best of Lesotho Summer Fun!

Shirl on the Road brings you the best of Lesotho Summer Backpacking Fun for your group of friends to escape to Afriski Mt Resort!Click brochures to find out more. Shirl on the Road brings you the best of Lesotho Summer Backpacking...

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Tales from my Journeys

Magic Morocco

Magic Morocco

So my dream to travel to Morocco came true in March 2018! A must on my bucket list for many years but with a sneaking fear of the country through a number of negative postings of how unsafe Morocco is for women to travel alone, disrespect from men towards...

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The Cats of Morocco

The Cats of Morocco

Just back from Morocco and there is so much to write about and share – so I will break down all the wonderful stories into smaller articles of interest and let you read each short chapter at your leisure. The Cats of Morocco As a Cat Lover, and one who...

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About Shirley

Shirley ShearerShirley is a passionate travel enthusiast, outdoor and adventure seeker and loves sharing experiences with like-minded people.

“Travel has been in my blood from childhood. I was lucky to have been the product of passionate parents who loved exploring South Africa and the wildlife which our beautiful country has conserved.”

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