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The Flowering Desert: A Prodigy of Nature in Chile

This 2022, nature is going to treat us with flowers… And by the millions!

We want to invite you to learn about the wonderful phenomenon of the Flowering Desert, which occurs in Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest on Earth, and which consists of the appearance of a great diversity of flowers due to unusual rainfall that exceeds the normal range for the region.

Travel In Chile
Travel In Chile

Already in the 18th and 19th centuries, this prodigy that nature presents us had caught the attention of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin, who documented it by mentioning the effect that the rains had on the seeds, producing an enormous abundance of flowers in Copiapó and Huasco.

We do not want anyone to miss the opportunity to appreciate this phenomenon that does not happen every year, and that is why we have crafted a special program lasting 4 days and 3 nights so that you can visit the places where it manifests itself in the most spectacular way.

Travel in Chile

The Flowering Desert this 2022 will happen in Chile from September and until the first weeks of October. The peak is expected to be during the first fortnight of September, although its definitive extension will depend on the temperatures and weather.

Travel in Chile

Where can you appreciate the full magnitude of the Flowering Desert 2022? According to the projections of the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), the phenomenon will be seen mainly in the Atacama Region, and that is why we will take you to the very heart of this long-awaited natural phenomenon.

Travel in Chile

We must not forget that being areas and phenomena protected by environmental and biodiversity legislation, it is requested that the flowers, vegetation and native fauna that are sighted must be cared for so that our descendants can continue enjoying this prodigy for generations.


Day 1 – Copiapó Airport – Copiapó

Arrive at Copiapó Airport and transfer to the hotel in Copiapó. Meeting at Hotel Antay of Copiapó and welcome dinner with the guide, who will introduce you to the Flowering Desert.

Day 2 – Copiapó- Vallenar

Breakfast and check out.

Today we will drive along the Panamerican Highway to Vallenar. Along the way, we will access the trails at Hacienda Castilla to see the first landscapes: different types of flowers (especially guanaco’s legs), insects, cacti, and plants thanks to the winter rains that result in this miracle of nature. Box lunch en route.

In the afternoon, arrival at the hotel in Vallenar. Time to rest and transfer to dinner (not included).

Day 3 – Vallenar- Caldera

Breakfast and check out.

At 10 AM departure to Huasco. We will visit Olivos Centenarios to learn about the process of growing olives, harvesting and subsequent production of olive oil.

Then we will continue to Huasco for lunch and begin our journey along the coast to the Llanos de Challe National Park where, besides seeing the most gorgeous flowers, we can also see large clusters of cactus from the Copiapoa family (exclusive to Chile). We will also do several walks and we will visit the Carrizal Bajo area and the ravines of the Cordillera de la Costa in search of the flower known as “Lion’s Claw” (Leontochir ovallei) and other species.

Arrival at Hotel Quinta Estación of Caldera. Transfer to dinner (not included).

Return to Hotel.

Day 4 – Caldera- Copiapó Airport

Breakfast and check out.

At 10 AM, departure with luggage to the Granitos Orbiculares Sanctuary, an impressive geological formation on the beach north of Caldera. Then we will continue to the Medanoso area to see the flowers and their contrast with the great dunes.

Light lunch and transfer to the Atacama Desert Airport to board the last flight to Santiago.

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