What an adrenaline rush to be invited by Fred Koch to join a fun day out in the country, riding a 500c Enfield Motorcycle! After many years of road tripping on my Harley Davidson DynaSuperGlide 1340cc, this was not a trip to miss!  Although as the time approached I reflected on the years I have been out of the saddle and, having sold my bike some 8 years previously, I must admit there was a feeling of trepidation! Not wanting to miss the experience of the ride – I volunteered to take photos – thereby being in my vehicle and following the group! The ride on 18 Royal Enfield 500 Classics, and a number of enthusiastic riders, from the Cradle Moon Lodge after early morning coffee and tasty rusks with strawberries and cream!  What a special treat!

Enfield Tours

Fred was warned– controlling 18 riders from ages 18 – 70 would be a challenge and much like ‘herding cats’ and added to the challenge were the extremely busy roads heading out to Hartebeespoort Dam on this beautiful sunny day!

Trying to keep ahead of the group, to catch the best photos, proved to be impossible as bikes clear congested traffic far quicker that a Rav4 – so I landed up being the sweep vehicle and getting pics from the back end!

After the Dam Wall the traffic abated and calm set in as the group spaced out an created a smooth ride for all. The crossing over the dirt track just past Die Ou Pastorie gave a taste of off roading adventure and the bikes performed well.  Personally, my Rav 4 was looking at a true 4×4 gear challenge, and I was in awe of the way the bikes performed!!! Dongas and Potholes added to their experience.

And then back on the open road – sometimes the dial hitting 130 kph.   These bikes are certainly rugged and can get up speed if necessary.

The odd small adjustment needed along the way!

Enfield Motorcycle Tours

The ride through to Bekker Schools in Magaliesburg was absolutely beautiful, and a really good ride, on roads which are in excellent condition.  Finally arriving at the Black Horse for a well deserved Craft Beer and Hamburger (compliments of Chad Botha!).  The setting was beautiful and an ideal place to unwind and share the ride with fellow Classics!

Then back in the saddle for a long trip home….

BACKGROUND TO THIS NEW VENTURE – “Taking it Easy and Enjoying the Ride” – with Enfield Motorcycle Tours”.  A joint venture with Drifters Adventours,  Andy Dott and Ken Hill, and  Fred Koch who has a deep love for riding, especially with friends. Fred will be launching day rides in and around Magaliesburg and will also include an overnight ride to Kedar Lodge at the Kruger Museum outside Rustenberg.  Later there will be added rides taking in a variety of 5 and 7 day trips which will take you off the main routes!  Tailor made tours for groups of 12 or more!

Enfield Motorcycles have been around since 1908 and is now one of the leading lifestyle cruise motorcycles on the globe.  Manufactured in India and exported globally it is still a 1957 Classic and has enjoyed the motor cycle with the longest uninterrupted production in history!

The Royal Enfield Motorcycles is the fastest growing motorcycle brand worldwide because of its rugged build and easy of maintenance and affordability and is a fun cruiser and the lifestyle association is that of quiet, unhurried coolness and an easy escape to the outdoors beyond the work environment.

Enfield Motorcycle Tours have a fleet of 16 Royal Enfield 500 Military Green Classics in Johannesburg and hope to attract the 40 + biker who would like the occasional outride and may wish to just experience the charm of riding a classic on the open road. Ideal for making memories with friends and family, the Enfield tours are an unforgettable experience for bachelor or hen parties as well as celebrations of special milestones 50s, 60s or 70s.

For more information or to book your Enfield experience:  

Contact  Fred Koch at fredkoch@hosmark.co.za or on 082 920 8368

or see their website:  www.enfieldtours.co.za

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